PowHER Profile: Adiarys Almeida

If you are on any social media platform and love dance, chances are you’ve seen a video of the Cuban born Adiarys Almeida whipping through gasp inspiring turning sequences. (if you haven’t… click here)


I first met Adiarys, or Adi as she is affectionately called, at a gala. I vividly remember standing in the wings in awe as she blasted through her now famous Black Swan coda of triple and quadruple fouettes. While the feat itself was memorable, what really struck me was how bold her choices were. I thought to myself, “Wow, this girl has absolutely no fear. She is just going for it!”


Here we are, many years later and “go for it” she did. Adi’s fearlessness and attack onstage transferred directly into her offstage life and the decisions she made. Jumping into an uncertain career path with gusto, managing herself, and creating a new line of dancewear, Adi has always trusted her gut and relied on her own talent.

If you’ve ever met Adi in person you can’t help but get sucked into her vivacious personality. She has a love of life and art that is contagious to anyone around her and I’m so happy to share a little of that below.

ADI_FullAdi graciously sat down with me to talk about her current life and what lies ahead:



Follow Adi on Instagram

@adisugar and @adidancewear

Check out Adi Dancewear at http://www.adidancewear.com

Photography by Michael Cairns and Lupe Jelena



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